his first parade

one of the reasons we wanted to make sure we got to sandy pines the night before the 4th was so that we could take ledger to see the parade in the morning.  its a sandy pines tradition, a bunch of people decorate their golf carts (or kids deck out their bikes) for the parade, the local fire department brings their fire engine, and a few other fun sights to see, and they all drive around the main street of the park and throw candy.  its pretty low key, but the kids love it- and ledger was no different!  this was his first parade, and boy did he have a great time!  his eyes were as big as saucers as everyone drove by, waiving and throwing candy.  we had brought a bag for him to collect it all in, and he had so much fun picking up the pieces and collecting as much candy as he could!  he would comment, saying how he saw different things, decorative stars, a dog on a cart, or let us know that he had seen a truck (saying it as only he can...).  we let him have a couple pieces of candy when the parade was over, but the rest we will have to space out over the next couple days- we certainly don't want to deal with that kind of sugar rush all in one go- yikes!
(more pics)

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