camping?.. in a tent?!?

whenever we come to see my family at sandy pines, its always a big hassle to figure out our schedule.  see, we usually sleep at my parent's house and then come out each morning.  this can be challenging with trying to maintain ledger's sleeping schedule (when we don't, he can get pretty grumpy and crabby) because he goes to bed at 8:00.  that means that we would have to leave sandy pines by 7:30 to get him home.  then when we put him to bed diana and i just sit there for the rest of the night with nothing to do.  as a way of solving this problem, we asked my sister and tim if we could borrow their tent so we could just stay the night out at the pines.
this means that we were going to spend the night camping in a tent in the lot next to my parents.  now, the reason this is a big deal is because i am not much of an 'outdoorsman'.  those who know me would admit that this is an extreme understatement...  diana was all for it, but it took me a bit more convincing, but eventually i relented and agreed to it.  after papa's party, he and i set up the tent.  once we figured out what it was supposed to look like, it was pretty easy to get it set up, it only took us about twenty minutes.  then we tried to make it as uncamping like as possible: we put air mattresses in there, a nightstand, a lamp, a fan, and papa even finished it off by putting a welcome mat in front of the door!  alright, this is sounding a little better, i guess i can give it a try.  and all would have gone well if it hadn't been so cold!  that night it got into the low 40's and i was not at all prepared for that!  because of the air mattresses we had, two singles, diana and i had to sleep on separate mattresses.  i had only found one sleeping bag, which diana got, so that left me with a sheet and two thin lap blankets!  at one point i woke up in the middle of the night shivering and had to keep myself from crying because i was freezing and camping.  it was the latter one that most broke my soul.  eventually, around 6:00 am, i finally gave up and headed in the trailer, desperate for anything that could provide me heat- i couldn't bare it any longer!  ledger was soon up, so i got him and tried to warm myself as best i could with whatever towels or clothing i could find.  i almost died that night, i'm pretty sure.
*please note, some of this post may have been over dramatized for effect...*
(more pics)

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