at rest

ledger usually goes down for his nap around 12:00 or 12:30.  he usually sleeps soundly till about 2:30 or 3:00, but lately he's been sleeping a lot longer- some times he will even stay down till after 4:00!  now that sounds like a good long nap!  well, one of the days he was sleeping a bit longer than usual i went in there.  we had something to do for the evening, so it was time to get him up and start getting ready.  i walked in there with him still sound asleep- at that little guy melted my heart!  just to sit and watch him sleeping, it reminds you just how much of a gift it is to be a parent!  and that cute little guy was just so precious, i wanted to eat him up!  look at those strange little adorable feet!  what a treasure!
its during these quiet times that the reality of being a father really hits me.  its such a great responsibility, but its also such an honor to be given the opportunity to be accountable for another human life, to raise him, to instill in him as much wisdom and understanding as we can.  he is truly a blessing, even if he wakes up cranky...!
(more pics)

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