a beautiful life

every once in a while i realize how lucky i am.  i think back to my life six or seven years ago and think about what i was up to.  it was pretty sad.  i would get home from work and just sit in front of the tv all night all by myself.  i had no real social life and no prospects of that really changing either.  i remember visiting my family one weekend, talking with my parents, when papa said 'you know, you won't find anyone by just sitting in you living room.'  hmm.  he was right, as much as i hoped, there wasn't really any chance of having a better life if i just sat there and let it pass me by.
not too much later, i happened to find someone, and wouldn't ya know it, she didn't just show up in my living room, i actually had to go out and find her!  turns out it wasn't just someone, it was the love of my life!  i'm so glad i found her- and she was willing to give me a chance!  we had a great first date, and afterwards i gave her a call and she was willing to go on a second date- i must admit i'm still surprised and thrilled that she was able to put up with me and my lame jokes for more than just that first meeting!  but, lo and behold, she was willing to do much more than put up with me, she was willing to marry me and spend the rest of her life with me!  every day i see this beautiful, wondrous, glamorous, thoughtful, generous, funny, creative, gorgeous woman and think- man, i really won the lotto, huh?  and she puts up with my lame jokes?
yeah, my life is pretty sweet.
(seriously though, she's super hot- way out of my league.  but don't tell her, ok?)
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