green little boy

with the 4th of july upon us, we headed up again to enjoy the festivities at sandy pines.  the 4th fell on a friday this year, so we headed up thursday so we wouldn't miss any of the fun.  we got up there (after a short bout of car sickness) and gave big hugs to mema and papa, who were thrilled as always to see us (and by us, i mean ledger).  once we were all settled in, we had a little while until dinner was going to be ready, so ledger and i went on a short little walk down the road.
when ever we are at sandy pines and we take ledger for a cart ride, he always spots these little 'children at play' signs, they are in the shape of a person, usually holding a red flag or something.  every time he sees one he says 'look! it's a little boy!' (which he says in some sort of strange accent that we have no idea where it came from!..)  well, the neighbor a few lots down got one recently, so i figured i'd walk him down to it so he can meet this little boy that he keeps talking about!  he was very excited about it and walked around it petting it on the head.  'little boy!  i found it, little boy!'.

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