avery's soccer game

for mothers day, diana and i took ledger up to spend the weekend with my mom.  we headed up friday night, too late to do much of anything other than put ledge to bed and play a little game of cards!  papa asked if i would be able to help him a bit with a project out at sandy pines, and mom said that jill and the kids were going to be busy all saturday morning with different soccer and softball games, so we made plans to go and join them for one of them.  ave's soccer game was early enough in the morning that we could go and cheer her on before heading out to work at the pines.  ledger had never seen a soccer game before, so he thought it was pretty need.  for a couple minutes at least, then he wanted to run around!  jackson was there too with a soccer ball, so ledger was all about kicking it around with him (which mostly just entailed him trying to kick it and then running around for five minutes!).  while we were watching the game i mentioned to jackson what papa and i were going to work on, he didn't have anything else for the day, so we made plans to have jill drop him off so he could help us!  oh, that's right, the soccer game- aves did a great job, staying focused and going after the ball.  she may have done a fantastic job, actually, but i was too busy playing around with ledge and jackson to know for sure...
(more pics)

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