wood, work, and walls

my dad has a job that keeps him in the office, but he's a handy fix-it man at heart- and boy, is he good at it!  i have very fond memories of him fixing and building different things around the house.  growing up, i was always his handy tool helper- trying to anticipate what he might need next, grabbing the right tool, holding the wood when he cuts it.  you know, all the handy man type of stuff!  over the years he has taught me by example how to fix, build, and create so many things!  well, i got to do that job once again this weekend, and watch him pass along his 'do it yourself' wisdom to jackson!  we headed out to sandy pines to build a garage.  a year or so ago there was a big storm and a tree fell on the pole and canvas cart cover that they had always had.  with the hard winter we had this year, the snow that came down had finally done that covering in.  it was time to replace it, so papa decided to go all out and build a full on garage in its place.  we spend the afternoon putting up the walls that he had built, securing them in place and building the supports and plywood on the walls of the garage.  by the end of the day we had turned a simple wooden foundation into a four walled building!  ah, the satisfaction with seeing what we had accomplished!  papa has certainly instilled in me the importance of a job well done!  and its so cool to see him pass that along to jackson. i cant wait for ledger to be old enough to step into that role of helper- like father, like son!  i just hope that i will be even half as good at this stuff as papa so i can be such a good role-model to my boy!
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