boat power

we have a pontoon boat to tool around on the lake.  all the neighbors have boats too, but for some reason they put these big motors on them even though there is a 'no wake' policy on the lake.  figuring there's no need for power, we opted instead for an electric motor that is strong enough to get us around the lake easily and doesn't create a wake.  its perfect: we never have to worry about breaking the rules, it does a great job of getting us around, and we never have to worry about filling it with gas!  the bother though is that it needs to be plugged in to recharge the batteries after every time out.  that means that there has to be a cord cutting across the backyard to the dock all the time.  this isnt too much of a bother except when its time to mow the lawn!  well, we figured out a great solution: bury the cord!  we had been talking about it for a year or two, so we finally did something about it.  david and i went and got an industrial strength cord, some pipes, and all the rest of the stuff we needed to make it waterproof.  that meant all that was left was digging up the lawn!  that sounds easy enough, so i got everything ready and took a shovel to the grass, digging out a path for the corded pipe, bringing all the way to the dock.  it turned out to be pretty easy and now we dont have to worry about chopping up the cord when we mow the lawn- not bad!
(more pics)

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