i, robot

for his birthday, ledger got a whole mess of wind-up toys from his aunt barbara and james.  he's recently become obsessed with them, wanting to take them down and play with them several times a day.  his favorite, by far, is the robot.  you wind it up and it dances- he loves it!  everyday lately when its book time, he always picks the books with robots in them.  its becoming apparent that he has a bit of a robot obsession!  he loves talking like a robot too, his latest phrase is 'robot. want. cake.'  its so hilarious and cute!  he talks like a robot and moves around in jilted motions like he's a robot!  so one morning i thought i'd take it to the next level and let him be what he wants to be.  i looked around and found a box that was about the right size, cut out holes for his arms and head, and told him that if he put it on he could pretend to be a robot!  he was all for it!  so he put it on and ran around saying 'i. robot! i. robot!  robot. want. cake!'
good try, buddy, but you're still not getting any cake- no matter how cute of a robot you are!

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