david had an old laptop sitting around his office and offered it to diana if she would like it.  of course she would!  she was thrilled to have a laptop of her own.  she gave up on using mine years ago (granted, i should have given up on mine years ago too- i think its from the paleolithic age...).  it was fun to use, but super slow.  david offered to bring it in to have it cleaned up so that it might go faster.  we brought it in and were told that they couldn't do much to get it going faster- it was just really old!  diana was disappointed, but david had another idea in mind: how about he just get her a new one?  um, ok!  david has been working on getting his new business off the ground and wants diana to help him with it, and in order to do that she will need a good computer, so he figured he might as well make sure she has one.  diana wasnt about to tell him no, that's for sure!  well, he ordered it for her and when it came she opened it.  she was like a child on christmas morning!  its really fast and its got a touch screen!  she has been having a blast playing with it ever since!  along with loading her music on it and picking the perfect background for it, she has also been familiarizing herself with all the programs she will need to help with the business.  she's ready for the challenges ahead, able to figure out all the programs to help out.  thanks again david for the new computer- she totally loves it!  ...oh, and she's ready to work!

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