dad's day

its father's day, so diana, ledger, and i headed over to celebrate with her father!  its always fun to go over to dad's place and spend some time with him.  ledger especially loves it because dad has some really fun play sets for him in the yard!  as soon as we pull up poco is on the defense, barking away.  once we call out to him and he realizes who it is, the barks turn to yelps of joy!  when we get in the yard he goes nuts, running back and forth, excited to be picked up and cuddled by his dear meem!  ledger ran up to grandpa, gave him a hug, then asked him 'swing?'.  he then proceeded to spend the next hour going back and forth on that thing!  eventually we gathered around the table for lunch.  barbara and james stopped by as well, so dad had his whole family to celebrate with him!  we stayed for a few hours, but eventually had to head home so ledger could get something resembling a nap...  by the end of the day i called papa to tell him i loved him, and we got to let david know how much we appreciate him too!- so many dads, so little time!
i know, i'm a dad too, but my father's day gift is still to come... and i eagerly await it! (i don't mean to ruin the suspense, but its a whole day of going to the movie theater and seeing as many movies as i possibly can in one day!  last year i saw six!)
(more pics)

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