ledger's lawn care services

one of my parents friends at sandy pines works at a company that makes leaf blowers.  while we were out there he stopped by and dropped off a special gift for ledger: his own leaf blower!  apparently the company also makes a novelty toy blower- so he gave us one!  my mom always pulls out her little battery powered leaf blower to get rid of all the leaves and pine needles off their deck and ledger always loves to watch her as she does it.  he has always been enthralled with the blower, and now he had a little leaf blower of his own!  it even has a switch that turns it on and it makes blower noises and has a tiny little fan in it that blows a little.  ledger was so thrilled, when mema got hers out, he would follow behind her blowing the leaves while she did!  what a fun toy for him to play with- helping out with the cleaning!
(more pics)

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