the reading couch

in our dining room we have a 'reading corner' for ledger.  its got a couple of bookshelves and a couch for reading.  he spends most of his time in the living room, you know, where the tv and all his toys are, but lately he's been loving going over to the 'reading couch'!  we have been trying to instill in our boy the fun of books, and it seems to be working.  he loves to pull out a book or two and have us read it to him.  though we have hundreds of books, he always seems to go for the ones with a robot in them.  hmm... we always ask him questions about each page.  'whats this?', 'what color is that?', 'how many are there?'  and he always does so good at answering us!  he's gotten more and more interested in the books, maybe because now he can answer our questions much better, or maybe because of the fun and silly voices we add to the characters, but either way, we love to sit on the reading couch with him and watch him learn!

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