mothers day dinner

to celebrate mothers day we went over to my grandma's place.  she lives in a retirement community, so we met up with her and jay at the restaurant in the complex.  my uncle ted and aunt joni soon joined us for lunch together to celebrate.  we had a lot of fun, grandma and jay were thrilled to see ledger- and he always loves seeing his grandma-great!
one of the funniest things from the weekend was when grandma pulled out a little container and handed it over to ledger.  i opened it up a little bit and then let him open it the rest of the way.  not really sure what to expect, we just watched as he opened it up.  the lid came off and inside- a plastic spider!  the look of shock and fear on my boy's face sent us laughing for minutes!  'spider! icky!'  and he threw it back to grandma-great!  we spend the rest of the weekend laughing about that one!  grandma felt a little bad about it when she saw his reaction, saying that it was meant for papa or me, but ledger's reaction was so priceless that it would have been wasted on anyone else!

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