a golf pro in training

papa's favorite hobby is definitely golfing- he's been obsessed for years!  growing up i would go with him from time to time, but unfortunately the golfing bug just didn't bite me.  to be honest, i think the last time i went golfing was with papa and tim when he and jill got married.  yikes!  even though it never stuck with me, papa knows it worth trying on the next generation!  a few years ago he got a junior set of clubs for jackson to play with.  he grew out of them, but papa kept the little golf clubs around knowing there might be another chance to pass along his love for the game.  this weekend was his opportunity to introduce ledger to golf for the first time!  we pulled out the little clubs and a golf ball and played around with them together.  papa was thrilled to show ledge all about it, and ledger just really loved hitting that ball around!

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