papa at 60

guess who's 60?  this weekend papa hit that major milestone!  in celebration, my mom invited all their sandy pines friends over for a big shindig.  we even had balloons and decorations!  we had a great time, everyone was pestering papa about being an old man, and we got to enjoy a delicious grill-out and spread!  as the afternoon wore on, all the little ones started to get a little stir crazy and wanted to run around!  we pulled out a few toys and balls for them to play with and we had a great time watching them all interact with each other, the older ones helping out the smaller ones, and all us adults just laughing and enjoying them play.  of course, the conversations between my parents and their friends were all about comparing and bragging about which grand kid was the best (i didn't catch all the details, but i'm sure ledger was the clear winner...).  by the end of the evening everyone had a great time, we all got the chance to celebrate papa's birthday, and everyone went home with full bellies.  what more can you ask for, huh?
(more pics)

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