wash and ledge

as ledger is getting older, we are trying to have him participate in the daily chores around the house.  this includes cleaning up his toys, throwing things in the trash or recycle bin, and even helping out with laundry!  what i do is set him up on top of the dryer, open up the washer, and hand him clothes to put in there.  well, thats how it started anyway, now he's gotten so comfortable with it that i stand on the other side of the laundry basket and toss a shirt or shorts or towel over to him, he catches it and throws it in the washer.  i give him one and ask 'ready for the next one?' and he says 'more!' so i toss over a pair of pants, 'more!' and i throw socks at him, 'more!' and a towel covers his head.  he's giggling the whole time!  once the washer is full, i ask him 'whats next?'  'soap!', so he pulls the laundry detergent off the shelf and hands it to me.  i pour out the liquid and dump it in.  he sees me pour it in and says 'i do it, daddy!'  one time i made the mistake of letting him- and detergent was all over the place!  now i just let him put the cap back on and put the soap back on the shelf.  we close the top and then he gets to do his favorite part: press the button to start the washer!
i figure its good to teach him early to do his part with the house work- and we sure have a blast doing it!

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