dishwasher blues

when it comes to woodworking and fix-it stuff, i do pretty well.  but when ever there is water involved?  well, that's a whole different thing all together!  my dad always had the policy that if something's broke, you fix it.  unless that broken thing involves water- then you call the plumber!  there is a lot of truth to that, when it comes to working with pipes and water, it can be really tough.  but, being the cheap dutchman that i am, i wasn't about to spend money on a plumber!
ever since the garbage disposal had been replaced we have been having trouble with our dishwasher.  the last time we ran it the whole thing overflowed and soaked the floor!  it was getting old anyway, so david went out and purchased a new one.  i unhooked the old one and got ready to put in the new one.  i felt pretty confident with my plum knowledge, so i figured i'd give it a try.  about a half hour into the process of hooking up the new dishwasher and getting all the pipes ready to go, i came upon a strange realization: this dishwasher didn't even have an electric plug!  what?  turns out the new dishwasher is supposed to hook right into the electrical grid of the house.  huh?  all it had was bare wires at the bottom that were supposed to hook into some mysterious electrical plan that didn't exist.  i'm pretty sure they just do that so you have to pay extra so that the company will come in and install it for a huge fee.  sorry guys, you aren't getting my money!  so we picked up a cord assembly, connected it, and put the thing it myself!  ha- that'll show ya!  and it all would have gone according to plan if it hadn't been for that pesky garbage disposal!  turns out, the person who installed it hadn't removed the rubber plug for the dishwasher fixture.  we didn't actually need a new dishwasher in the first place- the only reason there was flooding is because the person who did the garbage disposal messed up!  argh!  well, we had words with the company that did it and they ended up reimbursing us for part of the cost of the dishwasher.  it still sucks that we had to replace it for no reason, but at least they were willing to admit that they had made a mistake.
see, this is why i don't hire somebody else to do the job!

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