boo boo

either i'm a glutton for punishment, or i really love my wife, because we did the tent thing again this time at sandy pines during our stay...  papa had gotten us a new air mattress, this time one that was queen sized so we could actually sleep under the same covers!
anyway, as we were setting up the tent in the empty part of the lot right next to the garage.  ledger got a bit excited about watching the tent building and must have wanted a better view, because he climbed up the one foot tall mason stone wall papa had built by the garage.  he was having a blast walking up and down the top of the wall- right up until he fell off it anyway!  he scrapped up his leg pretty good.  nothing serious, just some scratches.  one of the scratches down by his ankle was bleeding a little bit, so we took him in, cleaned it up, and put a band-aid on it.  this was absolutely thrilling for ledger!  he wasnt bothered at all by the scrape, in fact when he fell off he got right back up saying 'i ok!'  this was ledger's first band-aid, so he was loving it.  at first he was a little concerned because he didn't understand what it was that we were doing, but he soon figured it out and for the rest of the weekend loved to show off his 'bandage'!

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