dive in!

can you believe it- june is almost over and i still haven't gone swimming off the boat!  we as a family decided to correct that.  we got our suits on and grabbed some towels (and sun screen), and made our way to the boat.  ledger had only ridden in the boat so far this summer, so when we told him that he was going to go swimming he was thrilled!  we put on his life jacket and rode out to the middle of the lake, the whole way he was squirming and wanting to go swimming.  finally we put down the anchor and told him it was time to get in the water.  he couldn't wait!  david and mom hopped in first, then i lowered ledger down to them.  he was so excited!  diana and i jumped in soon after and all had a blast in the water.  we passed ledger around, giving him a chance to swim with all of us.  it was funny, he kept gettin annoyed that we wanted to hold him- he was ready to head off on his own!  now, keep in mind, he has no idea how to swim; but don't think for a minute that would stop him!  i would hold on to the back strap of his floaties and let him go to town.  he hardly noticed that i was still holding on to him, so he was all set.  he actually did a great job for his first time out, he was paddling his hands and kicking his feet like a real swimmer!  we are planning on getting him in swimming lessons this summer, but from what i saw, it looks like he will be a very fast learner!
(more pics)

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