steak and shop

diana and i had a few errands to run, so we strapped some shoes on our little boy, and headed out!  diana had it in mind to try out a craft idea or two, so our first stop was the craft store.  she went and got what she needed while ledger and i wandered around messing around with the different knickknacks, trying our best not to break any of them...  we even got to make a quick stop at the used movie store- my favorite!  after a few more pit stops, we stopped at steak and shake for lunch.  diana and i always enjoy their food (and especially their prices).  they even had a great menu for ledger.  the best part though, was the really fun kid's kit they have!  it had two little tiny crayons, something to draw on, a fun car that you can put together, stickers, and one of their cool paper hats!  ledger had a blast playing with all of it!  it was more than enough to keep him busy until the food came- what more can you ask for?  after a fun filled day of being out and about, diana got a text from barbara saying that she was home.  so, we decided to drop by and spend a little time with ledger's auntie!
(more pics)

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