fun with james and auntie

a while ago diana's friends had made plans to celebrate a few birthdays together by having everyone go out together.  in preparation, we lined up a babysitting for the evening: auntie barbara!  she was thrilled, and asked if she could just have him stay over there for the night.  um, ok!  it just so happened that she and james had an open house for james' brother that afternoon, so they invited us over with ledger, and then diana and i would take off from there.  it was great to drop by the party, it was at james' house, so we got a chance to meet his mom, dad, brother, and a few other extended family members who where there to celebrate the college graduation.  they even had a play set in their backyard- ledger was all over that!  james even played along with him, which they both loved!  when we headed out, i'm not even sure ledger noticed, he was having so much fun!
unfortunately the plans for the evening fell through, but we didn't let that stop us, we still had a great time, going out for dinner at red lobster and having a blast just the two of us!

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