castle clearance

the other day ledger and i were wondering the isles of meijer.  this is not an uncommon thing; whenever there is grocery shopping to do, i always volunteer.  for some reason i really love grocery shopping, especially now that i've got a partner in crime- ledger!  the two of us will head out to aldi or meijer at the drop of a hat, we love it!  its gotten to the point that when i tell ledger that he needs to put his shoes on because we are going somewhere, he will ask 'aldi? m store?'  (we call meijer 'm store'.  if you want to know why you will need to ask papa...)  well, this particular afternoon we headed to the m store to pick up a few things.  before we start filling the cart with food, we usually like to stroll down to the other end of the store and maybe take a quick look at the toy isles...  well, this time we found something pretty amazing.  we happened across an amazing deal, a whole castle play set for only 8 bucks!  i knew we couldn't pass up a deal like that, so i picked it up for him.  granted, he has more than enough toys already, but for 8 bucks?  well, it really would be foolish not to, right?  we got home and opened it up.  it was pretty cool, if i may say so myself.  it had a bunch of extra stuff to go with it: a knight, his horse, a catapult, a treasure chest, and a few other fun bits to spark his imagination.  this boy was so thrilled that he could hardly contain himself!  that castle kept his interest for a good hour or more!  the next morning it was the first thing he said when he woke up- 'castle?'
what a great find!  sometimes it pays to walk past the clearance section in the toy isle, that's for sure!

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