the swing set is fantastic, but ledger is a little small to handle stay on a normal swing.  so, diana and mom went to pick him up an infant swing from the store.  they came home with a fun red car swing!  ledger and i opened it up and got to work putting it together.  we screwed in all the wheels and parts, even all the extra stickers that put a face on the front of the car.  ledger was all about it right up until i put the smiley sticker on the front of the car.  then, for some reason he threw a fit!  'no smiley face!' and then he threw a tantrum!  why?  excellent question...  after i attached the smiling mouth of the swing, he was completely against it- in fact, it took a couple weeks for him to even be interested in the swing again!  i took it out to the swing set and hooked it up, replacing one of the swings.  but he would have none of it.  i took him out there to show him the new fun swing, but he wanted nothing to do with it and ran away from it!
almost every day diana would take him out to the swing set and ask him if he wanted it go in the swing and he kept refusing, instead spending his time on the slide.  this continued for weeks!  it wasn't until diana finally peeled the smiley face sticker back off the front of the swing that he was finally willing to get in the thing!  what a strange boy, huh?  anyway, he eventually came around to it and really loves it now.  he can spend an hour in that thing at a time- just back and forth, back and forth!  at least there's no smiley face, right?
(more pics)

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