playground at home

ledger's favorite thing to do is go to the park.  he loves to go and sit in the swing there for hours at a time!  with that in mind, for ledger's birthday, his grandpa keenan told him that he would get him a swing set.  now that the weather was getting warm, it was time to get that birthday present!
david ordered a great set that he knew ledger would love.  when it came we didn't have the chance to put it together, but a couple days later we had a few hours, so we opened up that box and pulled out all the parts.  usually i try and just get working with trying to put things together, but i thought it might be a little bit smarter to actually use the directions...  you know, there is a child's safety at stake and all, right?  i got to it, following the directions and putting the pieces together.  soon after david came out to help.  between the two of us we figured everything out and had the thing put together in a half hour- team work!
we moved it over to where we wanted it to be and bolted in the slide- now it was time for ledger to see his new swingset!  he came out into the backyard and was so excited to see that he now had a playground in his own back yard!
(more pics)

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