play ball!

a few friends of diana invited us to go see the local minor league baseball team the other night.  we were totally up for it!  i made sure to get home from work on time, and off we headed as a family to enjoy our first south bend silverhawks game!  its really early in the season and there's still a bit of a chill in the air, so the place was pretty empty.  not that we minded, that meant that we got our run of the stadium!
we got there and spotted our friends right away (they were about the only people there...), so we headed down and sat with them.  that didn't last long, soon ledger wanted to explore, so we were off!  i went with him up and down the rows of seats.  he had never been to a baseball game or stadium before, so he was excited to check it all out.
granted, we didn't really watch any of the game, we were too busy getting hot dogs and drinks from the concessions and playing around in the kids area to pay attention to the sports on the field!  it was so much fun we will certainly be back this summer!
(more pics: 1, 2)

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