load em' up!

with a big hauling truck, we were ready to load up grandma's stuff!  we headed over to the storage unit and fill 'er up!  of course, when we got there we realized how much oddly shapen stuff she had- maybe this wasnt going to be as easy as we thought!  thankfully we got a bunch of packing blankets, so everything that was delicate could be wrapped and safe.  this is one of the times where all that wasted time playing tetris growing up really pays off- i was able to figure out a way to get all of her things in there and snugly fit without any trouble at all! although, i will admit, i made a bit of a mistake with packing the dresser: we kept all the drawers in it and had it facing the front of the truck.  this was great for saving space and keeping everything in its place, but was so annoying whenever we would slow down on the road trip- those drawers would come crashing into the front wall of the truck, freaking us out each time!

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