5th anniversary

oh where has the time gone?  i can hardly believe that its been five years since i first called diana my wife!  (relive the memories with me here!)  so much has changed in my life since we first married- we've got a two year old boy, we moved; but yet so much has stayed the same: my unending love for her!
i know its always so cheesy when people say say 'i love her more now that i did when we got married', but here's the thing: its true!  five years ago i thought i loved her, and in the small way that i understood love, i did.  but now that i better know what it means to love, i grow in my realization of how completely i am taken with her!  its like a child learning to read.  a four year old may be able to recognize words, maybe even read 'see spot run', but they cannot fully grasp the worlds that reading can create.  sure, the child can read, but they are not yet capable of getting lost in an amazing story, or laughing along with a witty article, or challenging their perception with a well reasoned essay, to soar with a sweeping epic, to weep with a heartbreaking tome.  now that is reading!
five years in, i'm better at understanding how deep this love thing goes.  its not a statement, 'i love her', its a commitment, its an action, its a promise, its a proclamation, its a journey.  a journey that we walk together.  the further we go, the better we get!  i love you, diana; may we read our hearts out!
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Mom said...

Well said Mark! I love watching you love each other! Hope you are blessed with many more years together! 💞

Anonymous said...

Honey this is beautiful!