ok, this was totally adorable!  we've got this wind chime in our dining room that ledger always likes to play with.  every once in a while he will ask me to lift him up so he can play with the 'bells'.  its got five strands, each makes a different note when struck.  this particular evening, after a long day of work, driving back and fourth, i got to spend a little time with him.  he wanted to play with the bells, so i hoisted him up.  he grabs one of the strands and says 'ledger!' to signify that one represents him, he then grabs the next one and says 'mama!', the next, 'daddy!'.  there were too left, and he pulls on one saying 'grandma!' and the last 'grandpa!'  he looks at me and says 'falamy!' and it melted my heart!  (he can't seem to pronounce 'family' and instead says 'falamy'; its much too cute to correct, so we have started saying 'falamy' as well!)
this whole multi-generational household has been so good for our boy- we love it!

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