beach bums

diana made quick work of getting to the beach!  with our hotel right on the ocean, we just had to walk out from our building and there we were on the beautiful atlantic ocean shore!  now, anyone who know me knows that i don't really care for the beach, but being in this beautiful place, with such a beautiful woman, i figured i had better get over myself and just enjoy every minute of it.  so i did!
each morning we headed out to the beach and laid out for an hour or so, getting up from time to time to wander down the shore and check out the cool shells and stuff.  in preparation for our laying out, we even wondered over to the local souvenir shop and picked up a beach blanket and a couple towels.  so, by the time we got there, we were all set for some sun and relaxation!  we both popped in some headphones and rocked out to some great beach music (or podcasts...) and had a great time.
(more pics)

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