down to florida

monday night we were dropped of at the south bend airport for our flight down.  all was going well until i realized that i had forgotten one of the most important things to have with you on a trip: headphones!  oh, i was miserable and almost called off the whole trip!  eventually my anger subsided and diana reminded me that we would still have fun, so i decided to allow the rest of the trip to happen.  but just barely.
we arrived in florida around 11 at night, so we took a taxi to the hotel.  we were both exhausted and hungry so we found a pizza place that would deliver and chowed down!  soon after we fell fast asleep, our heads filled with the fun times ahead!
in the morning i got up early to walk down to the hauling truck rental place to get our ride for the week.  i pulled in and by the time i got up to the room diana was up, packed, and ready to rock- our road trip was about to begin!
(more pics)

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