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we were thrilled to be in such an amazing place, living it up on the beach, but we still realized that we arent made of money (though we sure felt like it with that amazing hotel view!), so we played it smart with eating.  as a way to keep eating cost down, we stopped at the grocery store our first night and got a few supplies- enough food to take care of all of our breakfasts and lunches!  that way we could save up some of that extra money and splurge a bit on a better seafood dinner!  and boy, did we!  diana and i had some amazing meals.  our first night there we both decided that we wanted to have the full experience, so we were going to go nuts and eat seafood every night.  most of the places we were able to eat at were all fished locally, so that meant we were getting the authentic experience!  i love fish anyway, so an excuse to have fresh delicious fish every night?  count me in!  diana would mix it up a bit, she would get crab and other stuff too.  each meal was amazing, and it really seemed like each night was better than the last!  i also tried to always have enough to take back to the hotel- that way i could also enjoy a late night seafood snack!

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