too mulch work

diana has been chomping at the bit for weeks now!  finally the weather is nice enough for us to go out and get some work done on the lawn.  the first order of business: cleaning out the flower beds and get some mulch in there!  we found an amazing deal on mulch at the landscaping place, so we stocked up (about 60 bags...).  she and i put on our workin' gloves and got down to it!  we tore out all the ugly weeds and stuff, put down some weed killer, and spread out that dark rich mulch.  once we got the plant and flower section looking great, we set our sites on the tree.  after pruning back all the crazy growths, we put down some fabric to keep the weeds out, and piled on the beautiful white rocks!  by the end of the day the front of the lawn was looking pretty great!  with an exhausted sense of accomplishment, we packed it in, cleaned up the yard waste, and (after putting ledger down) collapsed into our beds- achy and exhausted!
(the after pics)

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