hotel amazing

wow.  i'm not entirely sure how else to describe the place we stayed!  knowing it was our anniversary, diana's mom and david planned our time in florida to allow for a few nights on the beach!  they graciously footed the bill as a gift to us- allowing us to soak up the rays and enjoy a few days to celebrate our fifth anniversary! the last time diana, her mom, aunt, and barbara came to visit grandma together, they planned a visit and stayed a night at this hotel, so she knew what we were in for.  i, on the other hand, had no idea what wonders were in store!  when we first arrived at the best western we checked in and went up to our room.  since diana had been here before, she told me about the amenities and how awesome the room was, but when we opened our door, it was quite different than she has expected.  it was a single room with a nice view.  last time she had been here she had an amazing suite, so she was not that impressed with what we had walked in to.  i didn't know any better, so i was pleased as punch!  diana talked about how much better and different the room was last time, so i called down to the desk to ask if they could change us to a suite, and they said 'sure!'- at no extra charge!  we grabbed our luggage and headed over to the new room, and wow- it was everything i hoped and dreamed!  the place was twice as big as the duplex we lived in for the first four years we were married!  it had a living room, a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, and still had an amazing view!  good thing she complained, because this was a thousand times better than the first room we were in!
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