ledger's second bithday

to celebrate ledger's second birthday, we headed up to grand rapids to see my family and have a party!  we figured we would celebrate it like a two year old is supposed to: by going to chuck e cheeses!  now, i have never actually been there before, so i wasn't quite sure what to expect.  the last time i went to a place like this was back when it used to be 'showbiz pizza' and there was a really creepy animatronic music band lead by a moving, lifeless, dead-eyed bear, and the place was nothing but a ball pit and rows of skeeball games.  i figured (or at least hoped) that they had moved away from nightmare inducing entertainment, so we gave it a try.  my sister had taken her kids there for birthdays in the past, so we knew it would probably be ok...  turns out it was a ton of fun!  the place is full of fun games and little rides for the kids.  as soon as we walked in the door, ledger's little eyes grew about three sizes- he had no idea what he had just walked into, but he knew he loved it!  we spent the rest of the afternoon eating pizza, opening prizes, and playing games! he had so much fun it was tough to pull him away from the place when it was time to go- 'more games! more games!'
(more pics: 1, 2, 3, 4)

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