goodbye, dear boy

a few months ago diana's mom and aunt had to make a big decision for their mother in law.  her health has been deteriorating and had recently been moved to a rest home.  the problem is that she lives in florida- so that means that they rarely get to visit her or help her out with anything that she might need.  so they made the decision to bring her back up to indiana.  the home that she was in actually has a facility right here in south bend, so the move was very easy!  the problem though, was that grandma's stuff is still down in florida in a storage garage.  so, mom and david began to try and figure out how to get it up here.  well, it just so happened that i had a spring break coming up...  so diana and i talked with them about the idea of the two of us flying down to florida and driving back up with all grandma's stuff in a rental truck.  mom and david saw it as a relief that they didn't have to go down, and diana and i saw it as an opportunity for a vacation!  so we were in!
the only problem with this plan was the fact that we would have to say goodbye to our little guy for a whole week- yikes!  my mom and diana's mom were more than willing to take over grandma duties and split the babysitting week between them- which was a huge blessing to us, making the extended florida trip possible.  with sad excitement, we said our goodbyes to our beloved boy, leaving him for a few days with his mema.  the two of us drove back to south bend for our flight the next day.  we were really excited to have a great vacation, but we still knew how much we would miss our little boy!
(more pics)

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