mr. potato eggs?

sometimes for easter we head up to grand rapids, but this time we decided to stick around and spend it with diana's family.  her mom was so thrilled about getting ledger an easter basket and doing a little egg hunt in the back yard and deck!  there was one problem though, she had gotten all the little toys and candy for him and a really cool mickey mouse basket, but she forgot to get the plastic eggs to put them in!  oh no!  don't worry, we macguyvered a solution: we put the candy and toys inside of the four mr. potato heads that we have!  it was a really funny solution, but one that worked perfectly!  some of the trinkets and toys we had for him were too big to fit in those plastic eggs anyway, so this worked better.  he had no idea what was going on, but as long as those jelly beans kept flowing he didn't care!  i'm pretty sure he had his sugar intake for the year that afternoon!  everybody got him a couple little prizes as well: a few mini skateboards that he's been obsessed about for a while, some cool baby aviator sunglasses, and a big huge bottle of bubbles!  that boy was all set!
(more pics)

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