after going to the mall, it was time to clean up for the night.  that means its time for ledger's favorite thing in the world: 'a baff! a baff!'  we filled up the tub and he dumped in his favorite bath time toys.  with liam in town, there were a few extra bath toys around, including a doggy that ledge immediately latched on to.  as he was playing i was chilling out in there watching him.  he loves baths so much that he usually spends about a half hour in there!  well, he had been playing with the doggy for a while now when he decided to put it up on the little shelf where his shampoo goes.  he sat back, looked at it, and said 'come on doggy, inna baff! come on!'  beckoning for it with his hand.  'come on doggy! baff time!'  he seemed to wait for a few seconds, i think he was actually expecting the little plastic guy to jump!  after a few more seconds, he says 'oh well.' and proceeds to turn around and play with the rest of his bath time toys!
i tell ya what- this kid is hilarious!

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