cousins play

jared and katie, david's daughter and son-in-law, had made plans to away for the weekend and asked if david and mom would be able to babysit their son while they were gone.  figured why not, this would give ledger and liam a little time to get to know each other and have fun playing together!  liam is only a couple weeks older than ledger, so it would be a fun time for the both of them.  well, as it turned out, this was a weekend that david had to work friday and saturday out of town, and diana had plans in place to be gone that weekend too!  i guess it falls to mom and i to take care of the two boys all weekend... yikes.
the two of them hit it off pretty well- ledger was so thrilled to have a play buddy!  the two of them got along great, they were able to share their toys for the most part, though ledger does love to pester!  liam was pretty good for a while, but it didnt take long, maybe an hour, for him to realize his parents were gone- and then the crying started.  and i'm pretty sure that it didnt stop until he was picked back up on sunday!  even still, it was really fun for ledger to have his cousin around to play with!
(more pics)

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