cabin 2.0?

during our usual cabin trip that we always go on between christmas and new years, we were one person short.  unfortunately jon was not able to join us.  he had some family health issues to deal with and soon after our trip he lost his father.  we were so sorry for his loss, of course, and wanted to support him in any way we could.  he said that he could really use some time away to just hang with friends.  well, i had just the thing: how about we do that trip he missed earlier, and go to the cabin again!  what?!?  thats crazy talk- going to the cabin twice in one year?!?  jon was up for it- maybe this plan is crazy enough it just might work!
as we were making our plans, i called most of the guys to see if they would be up for a return trip, and a couple of them took the bait- jeffry lee and aaron were in!  saturday morning we gathered up at aaron's place and headed up to the snowy white tundra for the second time.  on the way we decided that, with this being a second trip, we should not do all of the cabin traditions we always do when its the whole gang.  so, instead of the usual bk stop in big rapids, we hit up the ruby tuesdays!  an oh, what a delicious treat it was!  after some good talking and laughing, we hopped back in jon's truck for the final leg of the journey up.

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