since we decided that we werent going to do the usual things, we figured that included going to sporties.  so, we had to find a different place to have dinner while we were up there.  we wandered up and down the main road for a while when aaron brought up a suggestion.  quite a few years ago we all came up and aaron convinced us to go to a restaurant a few miles away called bitely's and we had a strange and fun time.  aaron suggested that we could go back there.  not finding anything else, we took him up on that idea and stopped in to bitely's for a bite.  it was strange to be back there.  i have a very particular memory of the one time we had been there, and when we walked it, it was nothing like i remembered!  they hadn't renovated or redecorated at all, it was just that my memory was so wrong about what the place was like.  and it seemed that i wasnt the only one- aaron and jeffry lee were both flabbergasted by the difference between their memories of the place and the reality when we walked it.  the whole thing was a lot smaller than any of us remembered.  we recognized everything in the place and knew this was definitely the place we had been to before, but it was shocking how much my memory had morphed it into this other place.  weird!  we still had a great time there.  while we were there aaron said one of the funniest things i had heard in years.  i know retelling it wont do it any justice, so i wont.  but to give you some idea, i was laughing at aaron so hard that i was crying (and getting a little dizzy..), and my laughing so hard made aaron laugh so hard that he accidentally spit out his food... directly on jon!  which of course, resulted in all of us laughing even harder!
again jon, sorry for ruining your chicken tenders... but it was worth it!

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