in case of fire

we had been bragging about our new fire pit for a week or two, so miranda and levi decided to take us up on the offer.  they stopped by, along with barbara, to have our inaugural fire.  so far i had gotten it build and then we mostly just looked at it saying 'we should really have a fire, huh?'  in preparation of the first fire, i picked through our branches and lawn waste pile to get some good ones.  we pulled out some paper and cardboard from the recycle bin, and set out the grill lighter.  i tried to start it and failed miserably (big surprise there...).  giving up, i walked around the house to the garage to get the lawn mower gas tank- that aught to get it going, huh?- levi steps in and gets that thing going just right.  all that eagle scout training really helped out!  we were able to sit out there for the rest of the night enjoying the beautiful weather and the great big fire.  i'm pretty sure we will be doing this often this summer!

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