wander and sparkle

ah, the tradition continues!  just like on memorial weekend, my parents have everyone over for the 4th of july as well.  what has been fun the past few potlucks has been the fact that everyone's kids are getting bigger!  ledger fits in to the line-up, there are a few kids older, and a bunch of kids younger too.  he does ok playing with the other kids, but he seems to mostly keep to himself.  when the other kids were running around and playing, he would wander off, walking around the bushes and playing his own little games.  we would keep wrangling him back to the other kids, but he would loose interest pretty quickly.  although, he did think it was pretty cool when they took out the sparklers!  as a little preview of the fun fireworks they would see that night, the kids had a chance to play with some sparklers!  ledger didnt hesitate, he was all about them.  he did pretty well with them, but he kept wanting to touch the sparkling part- at one point he grabbed it, then shrieked when he realized how hot it was!  careful boy!
(more pics from the weekend)

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