rescue grabber

one of ledger's favorite things about going to visit mema and papa at sandy pines is all the fun toys they have!  there are tons of toys there, but not all of them are actual toys... ledge gets a bit creative with his play things- he was rooting around in the shed and came across this fun little thing.  its a little grabber to extend your reach, but to him it was the greatest toy discovery of the weekend!  after allowing me to show him how it works, he was all set.  at first he struggled a bit with getting the thing to grab, but after a few minutes, he had it all figured out and was actually able to pick up other toys with it!  he asked what is was called and we told him it was a 'grabber'.  i guess that name wasn't good enough for him, so he added a little to it, he called it his 'rescue grabber'!  all weekend he was playing with his rescue grabber, even after it had been put away multiple times!

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