the rocket's red glare

even though its really late for him, we kept ledger up so he could see the fireworks for the 4th of july.  he came along with us last year too and really loved it, so we knew he would be up for it again.  it was a bit of a cold evening, so we wrapped him up in a hoodie and brought a blanket along too.  the fireworks can be awesome to see, but for a little guy like ledger they can be a bit too loud, so papa was planning ahead and grabbed a pair of sound dampening ear muffs for him.  he really seemed to like having them on!  when we first put them on he thought it was really neat, he started going 'ahhhhh' just because he thought his voice sounded silly with them on!  there was an extra little chair for him at the beach, so he hopped in and enjoyed sitting on his own like a big boy, but as the fireworks started he wanted to sit on my lap so he could tell me about what he was watching.  he wanted a turn on mema's lap and mama's lap too!  after a while though i think the late night got to him, he stopped paying attention to the fireworks and instead nestled his head into my neck and just wanted to fall asleep- so cute!  after a minute or two i told him that he was missing out and that he should watch the fireworks, after all, he doesn't get to see them very often!  he listened and fought off the sleep through till the end.  when the show was over and we got back to the trailer he didn't put up any fight at all when we told him it was bed time!
(more pics)

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