go hawks!

go silverhawks!  all the way back in october we had been invited by some friends to join them for a silverhawks game.  rob and veronica had reserved a box almost a year in advance to a south bend silverhawks game and we got to enjoy it with them.  diana's mom and david agreed to watch ledger for the evening so we could go out and have a fun time with some friends, and it certainly was a lot of fun!  miranda and levi joined us, along with a bunch of other friends, in the box at the game.  we got all the perks of being in a box seat at the stadium: all we could eat hot dogs, brats, and hamburgers, as well as chips, popcorn, cookies, and soda!  the weather was perfect and we got a chance to catch up with friends and just have a fun time together.  oh, and i think there was some sort of sporting event going on as well, i'm not entirely sure...
(more pics)

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