spooky nerds

one of the things i like most about when kate and jared visit is that it gives me an opportunity to revel in my nerdiness!  jared is definitely a nerd and so when he comes by he and i allow our nerdy powers to combined and the result?  this.  he brought with him a roll playing board game and we were able to talk the girls into playing a game of it with us to try it out.  well, it didn't take long and they were hooked too!  it was a 'haunted house' type game where we were roaming around the house looking for the scary stuff and working together to fight it off.  super nerdy stuff- but so much fun!  over the course of the weekend we were actually able to pull it out two more times!  at one point, as they were deciding if they should try to head out before or after liam's nap, it was suggested that if liam takes his nap here, we could squeeze in another game...  well, that's all it took- the kids were in bed and the game was out!
i'm pretty sure we need to find this game so we can play it again soon...
(a few more pictures from their visit)

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