off roadin'

one of the things levi was so excited about was doing some 'off roadin'.  now, i have in my mind some idea of what that means.  to me it means driving around on some trails and checking out the cool scenery.  well, i was wrong about that one...  to levi it means making his own trails, taking the vehicle to its limits, and getting us in some sort of life-threatening situation or two!  i think i like his version more than mine, that's for sure!  we started off pretty mellow, just trekking around on some two track trails, but then he started veering off the beaten path- and right into huge sand pits that threatened to suck down the vehicle forever!  we were tossing and turning inside that thing as we went down hills and missed trees by inches.  for some reason i couldn't fathom, miranda thought it would be a good idea to rock out with her seat belt off- she regretted that when we took a bump and she went flying into the air and bonked her head on the ceiling of the fj!  the crazy trail that we had taken eventually opened up so we slowed down- and its a good thing we did because the ground suddenly dropped down- about 100 feet straight into lake superior!  this was exactly the kind of trail that levi had wanted to find, a cool place to stop for a while and wander around checking out the amazing view.  we walked around for a while and enjoyed the pit stop.  but once my heart had returned to its proper rhythm and the blood had returned to my knuckles, we were off again- back into the chaotic 'path' that took us there!  i would have loved to take some video of the crazy path we were taking, but i was much to busy holding on for my life...
(more pics)

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