returning gifts

though we had an awesome long weekend, we were both so glad to see our little boy again!  it was such a huge blessing that diana's mom was willing to take ledger for us and allow us to have a special weekend away- we are so thankful!
while we were up north we certainly didn't forget our boy, we got him a couple things that we thought he might really like.  part of the fun of returning was giving him his gifts!  at one of the stores up in grand marais we came across something that we knew ledger would love.  now, its not even remotely souvenir-ish, but we know our boy wouldn't really care for something that was supposed to be played with...  so instead we got him a double bendy headed flashlight!  strange, i know, but he had recently been obsessed with flashlights and also loves anything he can bend around and mess with, so we figured it was a perfect fit.  he loved it and played with it for a long time- right up until the batteries died, then he lost interest.  go figure.  the other prize we got for him was a little addition to his wind-up toys collection- we got him a wind-up crab!  and, oh boy, did this fascinate him for hours!  unfortunately the gears on it broke, so it didn't last as long as we hoped.  although, that just meant that he got to spend hours telling us about how it was broken instead of actually playing with it.  so... win/win?

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