spring and out

unfortunately it was time to pack up.  on our final morning we wrapped up our time in beautiful grand marais by cleaning out the hotel room and taking one last little drive through town, stopping for a minute to check out the souvenirs to remember it by.
though it was time to go home, we still had a stop or two along the way- there was one more amazing state park to check out!  levi and miranda wanted to stop by kitch-iti-kipi.  its got a funny name, but it was really cool.  there is a fresh spring that you can go on and look down and see everything in it, the water is absolutely crystal clear.  as we made our way over to the spring we saw the little floating dock type thing that goes out over the water.  its kind of ingenious, really, there are cables set up that go all the way across the spring that the floating dock is connected to.  there's a crack wheel that you turn at it pulls out out over the clear water and the dock has an open middle so you can all look into it and see straight down.  it was really rad to be able to see all the way the bottom which was 80 or so feet down.  you could even see the sand moving around from the fresh water bubbling up from the spring!  definitely worth checking out.
finally all the sight seeing had come to an end and it was time to head back to real life down in the lower peninsula...  we stopped again for lunch in mackinac city, picked up the other vehicle, and made our way through the michigan mitten.  it was really an awesome time; diana and i are already signed up to go again next summer!
(more pics)

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